Richard Branson – Losing my virginity

Following key takeaways:

  • The Best is Yet to Come: This is something that struck me the most. When Branson had to unwillingly sell Virgin music which he had formed with great enthusiasm and persistence, which had brought him to close to all the different people whom he had worked with and trusted in and a company that had shot him into fame and made him rich, there was all the reason for him to be sad about it. As some of his close colleagues proposed a toast to ” the best years of their lives”, it must have been a very emotionally draining moment. But its amazing how he reacted to the whole episode by believing that the best was yet to come. He then goes on to launch a spaceship company, work with Mandela in Africa and launch initiatives to combat climate change and  etc etc. The point being everyone has a choice- one can decide to sit on  in the past believing that it was the best and future will not be brighter or one can devote his energies to painting the future one desires to live in.
  • Challenging yourself: I am truly amazed by the sense of adventure he has-fastest to cross the atlantic by sea, hot air ballon flights over the pacific and atlantic, treks over arctic. I guess its important to have such adventures because they train you to live on the edge, to survive extremely harsh conditions and to take on everything that comes your way with confidence .This sense of adventure and immense self confidence also then flows into the everyday life and make it more fun. It brings on an attitude to dream big, to believe in it and to survive everything that it takes to realise that dream.
  • Curiosity and Persistence: He works like crazy, doing things in different directions. His curiosity and attitude to move things is truly remarkable.
  • Confidence: Selling advertising on a magazine that has not been published and interviewing celebrities of UK for it, does require a heap of self-confidence.  Calling Boeing to get them to rent a plane for a year with not a great bank balance, just requires another level of it. And learning to fly a hot air ballon and flying it in the Jet Streams at a height of 30,000 feet which no-one had attempted by then, raises that level further. If that is not enough, negotiating with Saddam Hussein ( of Iraq) to let go off the Uk citizens in Iraq and then at another point in time suggesting Nelson Mandela to talk to him for avoiding the Iraq war just blows through the roof for me.

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