Plea to god.

Hey god,

Wassup? Everything good? Looks like you have been having fun. I know you would have been busy with work or vacation  ( not for me to judge :p) but you could have atleast answered my call once in last 7-8 months ! Anyways, since we could not speak, here are a few things that I have been wanting to say:

1) Stop playing around with me. Nothing personal, but you seem to really enjoy it. For a change try someone else and give me a break. Well I can recommend you a few people, if you want !!. But seriously, haven’t you got bored of making my dull, steady life so rocky?

2) Secondly, its been a long time since you took that thing away from me and I want it back. Yes, I am talking about happiness. I want it back, NOW!! without any delay whatsoever.

3) Also, may I request you to help me out with a small thing. It would be great if you could kill my tendency to search for pain. Would really appreciate it. After all, there is enough pain that comes in one’s way and on top of that if i extensively search for more of it and acquire more of it, it is unfair for others isn’t it ??

But dont worry its not all cribbing here. I want to sincerely thank you for giving me the material, financial, human and mental resources to find moments of happiness among  these days. The hunger for such moments is a great driving force and I know I am lucky enough to be able to generate them. Thats not all. Thanks a lot for keeping me afloat during this period.

Thanks & Regards



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