Night sky and the gratitude !

Yesternight, I happened to be lying in the desert and looking at the star-lit sky. It had been one of my deepest desires to have an opportunity when I could do this night sky gazing and just admire it. And yesterday, I got my chance or rather I orchestrated it. But there was no moon up there –  off-course how could it there be- and thankfully so, for it allowed me to appreciate the sparkling stars – thousands and thousands of them.  A few friends would occasionally help me identify the constellations, this was the first time I had noticed any constellation. I can now locate the Great Bear and you know it always points towards the north.  Then I would marvel at the fact that some of these stars I was looking at were probably no more there by now, that if there was life out there, they were probably looking at the dinosaurs on our planet or maybe even the birth of our solar system ( ok, I knew the fact, I am not an idiot, but I was somehow strongly realising it). So, I sent a hello upto them, who knows if at some point million years ahead in time, someone bothered to direct a strong telescope at us and saw me waiving at them!

Then there were those shooting stars. Its feels strange to think that it took me 23 years to find an opportunity ( oh ya I was busy mugging in the school) and a mind that was not waiting for a phone call or peppered with longing – to look patiently at the night sky. But yesterday I found my time. I would just wait for the meteors to pop out of the sky, follow them against the starry background until they disappeared again. It was just magical. I did not have a ton load of wishes to make just a few very very sincere ones. These are the wishes I have been making every second but somehow I could not get myself to pray for them during those moments. I would just be elated when those things fell out of the sky. I did not want to spend a moment not being fascinated by them. Then when they disappeared, and I went back to observing the night sky a wave of immense gratitude would overcome me.  I just felt so damn lucky to be able to witness all that, to be in a perfect place to witness that meteor shower, to be able to find those care free moments.


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