how are you..

“how are you ”

“what do you wanna hear”

“that you are good”

“so am I….. ”


“why did you call today”

“what do you mean, I just called to wish you”

“no, I mean do you wanna fake it & we can talk about the weather or we have honest conversations”

“obviously, honest conversation”

“you are still the most beautiful person I know…….”


“why are you crying”

“… not ”

“..u think i am dumb ?”


( can we talk for 10 more minutes)

“sure tell me”

“nothing to say”

“the silence is getting awkward”

“is it?”

“no probably not….i might sleep though like this”

“no worries…” ( i would love that)


” you have got really boring”

” achhaa..”

( last call 110 minutes 10 sec)






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