a late night conversation


there it comes again, to engulf me and sap the last trace of h******** out of me.

angrily, i tell it “see we have already discussed this, i have had enough of you”

but it remains undeterred and with that crooked look tells me, “no, i am gonna be with you”

‘Why?’, i ask, ‘What have i done to deserve you?’

“oh, you just relied too much, cared too much”, it answers amusingly.

“i know i know…but now i want to be free..i want to fly…i’ve paid my debts”, i protest vehemently.

“but you are hopeful, aren’t you ?”.

I hate that sly look!!

helplessly -“i don’t wanna talk about it and just go, u scare the shit out of me Hollowness”

Oh yes and wait listen, “See, i know you are powerful…but don’t underestimate me. you don’t realise how stubborn i am and to what extent i can go to win. I am me !”

“wait…u r supposed to be scared”

“you might have touched my weakest points…but u didn’t realise i dont Give Up !!. So get your raggedy ass back and lemme sleep.”





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