When i was little, the Cartoon network used to show this weird stupid cartoon show called The Mask. It was about some stupid, confused, ill-confident ( m not judging ! :P) guy called Stanley ( ok, i dint remember that name -> just googled that up and found that the show was based on a novel, anyways) who is unable to find his way in the world. As far as I can restore from my memory lanes -he gets easily bullied over, is to shy to approach his crush and is a clerk in a bank. Pretty bad, huh! Then one day  he discovers this magical mask (i don’t remember if i ever saw that episode) which turns him into a completely different human being  He gets all these superpowers, a confidence boost and always has a retarded smile on his face. He is able to bully others now, turns into a play boy and even becomes funnier ( though honestly the jokes cracked were some of the most stupidest, i’ve ever heard).  In short, his world turns upside down for the better, and the entire show is about the mask’s exploits. This makes me think why I even saw that cartoon show !

But the strange thing is that such  masks  have become so common these days . You are supposed to find one and wear it. Wear it even though it wears you out, because who wants to deal with a stanley. Your friends want you to wear it, your employer wants you to wear it, your family wants you to wear it, your dog wants you to wear it. So wear it. Not wearing it is being vulnerable, being breakable. There are going to be certain times when it will “rain” and the insides of the mask will be wet, it would slip over, but dry it down and put it on.  After all, the entire SHOW is about the mask’s exploits.




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