Perfect day

You know one of those days there is a moment, when it suddenly occurs to you that its a perfect day. The sun is out and shining, not so much to burn you down but enough to keep  things lively, there is a mild cool breeze blowing and you are sitting in the open at the centre of city called Prague, sipping your coke while thumbing through the pages of a book written by a nobel prize winner. Perfect ( except for the two mid aged ladies sitting beside and smoking the shit out of their lungs, :/) !!! Those moments you wonder why there was ever anything wrong, why it was ever difficult to get by, why it was ever so hard.

Its not that all your problems have been resolved or suddenly everything is sorted and you have understood all the secrets of life and love, but there is that presence in the current moment – that realisation of being here in this space and time without a worry about the future or the yearnings of the past. This is probably, what is called, being in the moment.


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