a thought experiment

I have been wondering how interesting it would be if you had all of humanity’s journals at your disposal. It would probably reveal some really interesting analysis. I don’t care about all the twitter based sentiment analysis or review of facebook posts because they are tempered by how people want themselves to be  perceived by the outer world. Its not the real them !

Private Journals and Thank-you diaries ( 3 things you are grateful for the day)  are probably the best account of their humanity. It would be interesting to see how frequently certain entities ( people and institutions) appear, what people value and are grateful to and  how frequent is the  association of a particular emotion with an entity. I suspect the variation in the frequency of  these associations and things grateful for would be small across the population, that is , people value certain things much more than other things and this relative importance is more or less constant across the population. Even if it is not , I suspect there would be a few archetypes that they would be representative. If only there was a way to test the hypothesis.




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