Believe me I am a nationalist

I am a nationalist,

believe me ’cause I say that

It does not matter what are my deeds.


I may not have contributed anything to the country,

but I am a patriot, a true nationalist – ’cause I do change my DP ,

And, I have those 140 characters ready to go on the independence eve.

I care so much about my Bharat Mata,

so what if my tax returns are zero and my charity contributions nil.

I don’t think twice before vandalising my surroundings,

I issue rape threats as a part of my routine.


I know shit about the history or the origin of the country,

I know not how my country always stood for peace and equality,

when I never even bothered to look at the history.

I do remember a few things from the 1940s,

But I know not we were only fighting the injustice with no intention to harm the ‘enemy’ .

But guess what,  I do have my saffron and my tika,

I write in Devanagiri on my wall, isn’t that enough to be a national idol ?


Tolerance is anathema to me,

Trust me sometimes I just get angry when the toll guy asks me for the toll,

and thats when I shoot him in the head-  fuck’em all !

I don’t have it in me to take a rejection from a girl,

and that’s when I make some acid fall.

So tell me how do I deal with it when you talk about peace for all .

or reconcile with how a 20 year old has the courage to not hate the enemy.


I also have all my priorities sorted,

I just ignore all the inconvenient facts , leave out the relevant contexts,

and pick whatever serves me well.

Oh you would be wrong to assume that I am an ignorant dumb,

In fact I  am often a celebrity, a journalist and a common man.

I secured the best ranks in my school, and gave the most eloquent speeches,

Its just that I am a product of an educational system without any values.



Believe me when I say I am a nationalist,

after all  what’s in the deed?

And if you don’t , you know what’s coming – I will declare you anti-nationalist !

















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