Test and then Accept or Reject!!

This seems so obvious. But one thing that has had most profound impact after reading about Gandhi is that the guy always tested things out, experimented with them and then made a decision to continue or reject them. The intention was always to test things out- be it vegetarianism, religious beliefs or political views. A very simple example of it is  when he  consumed meat, despite his parent’s objections and loved it. But later on, after reading a few books and discussions with a few people, he concluded that it was not such a good idea,so  he even gave it up.  Other similar examples of this tendency are his experiments with being an ‘English Gentleman’ by taking up classes in elocution & violin. He tried them but on realising that those things were not for him, he dint hesitate to stop them. These are very trivial examples. But this is what underlined his methodology of dealing with life. A better example it would be his views regarding the British Empire. Until a very long time, he strongly believed that the development of India and other colonies was strongly dependent on the success of the british empire ( note: positive correlation). This was reflected in the numerous letters he wrote to the British  Parliament while campaigning for the rights of Indians in South Africa. Most of those letters appealed to the fairness of the british system and were based on the premise that it was under only british rule that the people could move towards civility. But all these views changed over time , and made him to launch all the different movements against the british rule.